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The Mission Athletics Club

Founded by Terrence Mahon & Jennifer Rhines, The Mission Athletics Club's purpose is to teach our athletes the fundamentals of sport and of life. No short cuts, no time outs, no quick fixes. Success takes time, dedication and a willingness to persevere. It’s a relentless pursuit. However, if the mission is planned with care and the work gets done then we can all expect success. 

We have no barriers or boundaries. We believe that the path to greatness is one that is found through an unquenchable desire to go faster and further than ever before.  It is about breaking down the mythical walls that stand in front of us.

As athletes we are as strong as we need to be. We can endure great pain and suffering because we understand that it is only temporary.  It begins when we make it begin. It stops when we make it stop. It is all a choice and one that we accept freely. 

It is our goal to free ourselves of these “mind-forged manacles” so that others may see that it is possible and free themselves of these same occlusions. Come with us on this journey. The mission is about to begin.